David Hewlett - TV/Movie Appearances

The following is an alphabetical list of TV shows and Movies featuring David Hewlett. I will add new credits once they are fully verified to avoid instances where his name is attached to a project by rumor only. Please contact me if you believe there are any credits missing from here.

Amateur Night D.J.
And Never Let Her Go Gerry Capano
Autoerotica Gord
Beyond Reality Tom
Black Death
  aka Quiet Killer
Nyles Chapman
Blind The Victim
Blood Brothers Detective Howie Trayne
Boa Vs. Python Dr. Emmett
Boys of St. Vincent: 15 Years Later, The Steven Lunney age 25
Campbells, The Various
Century Hotel Michael
Chasing Cain Bud O'Toole
Closer, The Special Agent Jerry Moore
Clutch Martyn
Cube David Worth, the Architect
Cypher Virgil C. Dunn
Dark Matter Talbor Calchek
Dark Side, The Chuckie
Darklight Anders Raeborne
Darknet Lewis
Dead Meat unknown
Death Kiss unknown
Deep Sleep Terry McBride
Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel Dwayne 'Deadpan'
District, The Frederick
A Dog's Breakfast Patrick
E.R. Mr. Schudy
Edison Twins, The Howard
Elevated Hank
Exam unknown
Father Lefty Father Gregory
First Circle, The 'Ruska' Rostislav
Foolproof Lawrence Yeager
Forever Knight Matthew Reed
Friday Night Roger
Friday the 13th Cal Rawitz
Haunter Olivia's Father
Helen Frank
Hellcats Dr. Thornton Eagan
Ice Men Bryan Phillips
Incorporated Chad
Joe's Wedding Rob Fitzgerald
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Dr. Nicholas (Nickie) Elder
Life Before This, The Nick
Lords of Boswell unknown
Milkman Martin/Soldier's Voice
Monster Force Lance McGruder
Mouth unknown
Murdoch Mysteries Dilbert Dilton
Mutant X Hector Freimark
My Secret Identity Rock
Night Heat Gil
Nothing Dave
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! Mudokons (voice)
On The 2nd Day of Christmas Mel
Penthouse, The Joe Dobson
Pin Leon
Rage of the Yeti Mills
Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop
  aka Katts and Dog
The Strangler
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Hunsiker
Sanctuary Larry Tolson
A Savage Christmas: The Fall of Hong Kong Walter Jenkins
Scanners 2: The New Order David Kellum
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Additional Voice
Shining Time Station Ted Typo
Splice William Barlow
Split Images Gary Hammond
The Stanley Dynamic Astronaut
Stargate Atlantis Dr. Rodney McKay
Stargate SG1 Dr. Rodney McKay
Stargate Universe Dr. Rodney McKay
State of Syn Aslin Kane
Street Legal Various
Suits Nathan Burns
  aka Nightworld: Survivor
Doctor (Le Medécin)
Sweating Bullets (TV Series) Gleason
T. and T. Detective Jones
Time Machine: Rise of the Morlocks James Radnor
Traders Grant Jansky
Treed Murray
  aka Get Down
Murray Roberts
Triangle Gus Gruber
Twice in a Lifetime Mr. Green
Urban Legends Narrator
Under Pressure
  aka Bad Day on the Block, The Fireman
Where The Heart Is James 'Jimmy' McBain
The Whistleblower Fred Murray
Without A Trace Fred Watkins