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With the ever decreasing costs for PCs - with decent second hand ones available from as little as $100 (or LESS) - it seemed the appropriate time to move away from some of the problems caused by FRAMES by utilising the power of stylesheets.

Images - Stills and Screen Captures

To see some great pics from my collection of stills of David Hewlett, and to find screen captures of David Hewlett from some of his many TV/Film appearances, select Gallery.

Gallery | All Stills

Fan Art and Wallpapers

The Gallery contains digital manipulations and other fanart mostly by Tarlan. Check under each individual TV show/Movie for wallpapers.

Fan Art

Media Articles of Interest

This section will hold Magazine and Newspaper articles related to David Hewlett that I have managed to collect over time. Once again, no copyright infringements intended, especially as many of these magazines/newspapers are no longer available for purchasing from the original printer even as back issues.

Media Articles

Fun Stuff - Games

I hope to include some online games and quizzes for you to enjoy. I will try to add new games, or variations of existing games, as time allows so check back here when you just want to have some fun. Please note: Many of the games are written in Javascript, therefore, you must have a Javascript-enabled browsers to play.

What's New and Links

To find out new events on the David Hewlett Archive select What's New. To find links to recommended sites that may be of interest to you, choose Links, or you can access the desired Webring to see more sites.

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