David Hewlett - What's New - 2007

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05 Nov Screen Captures:  Stargate Atlantis 2x01 - The Siege Part 3
01 Oct Screen Captures:  Stargate SG-1 10x13 - The Road Not Taken
30 Sep Screen Captures:  Stargate SG-1 10x03 - The Pegasus Project
24 Jun Stills:  Candid Agency Photo
10 Jun Screen Captures:  Elevated
19 May Video Links
Finally, I've found time to add a page of links to some recent David Hewlett videos on YouTube. Enjoy!
31 Mar Stills:  Stargate Atlantis - Stills 40 to 45
Media Articles:  Stargate Atlantis - Wraithfall Comic Issue 3
23 Feb Media Articles:  Stargate Atlantis - Wraithfall Comic Cover Issue 1 - McKay/Weir
14 Feb Screen Captures:  Stargate SG-1 8x19/20 - Moebius Parts 1 and 2
12 Feb Screen Captures:
  Stargate SG-1 6x01 - Redemption Part 1
  Stargate SG-1 6x02 - Redemption Part 2

  Stargate Atlantis - TWO new Stills (38 and 39)
  Cube - Still
20 Jan Screen Captures:  Stargate SG-1 5x14 - 48 Hours
13 Jan Media Articles:
  Stargate Atlantis - Wraithfall Comic Covers
  Cube - Lobby Stills
08 Jan Media Articles:
  Stargate Atlantis - Region 2 DVD Covers - Season 2
  A Dog's Breakfast Postcard
  Stargate Atlantis - Wraithfall Comic Covers
  Various - DVD Covers
01 Jan HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007
I plan to keep adding more screen captures, media article etc so I do hope you enjoy visiting the site throughout 2007.