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26 Dec Stargate Atlantis Wallpapers:  Wallpapers 56 to 60

04 Apr Gallery Stills:  Where the Heart Is - stills 004 to 008

27 Nov Screen Captures:  Stargate Atlantis 202 - Intruder

31 Oct Stargate Atlantis Wallpapers:  Wallpapers 54 to 55

30 Oct Halloween Wallpapers:
 Wallpapers 49 to 50
 Wallpapers 51 to 53

19 Oct Screen Captures:  Split Images

12 Oct Screen Captures:  The Edison Twins 1.05 The Delinquent
My apologies as the quality is not great. I'm just really pleased to be able to see this episode at all -- MANY THANKS TO VAN.

03 Oct Media articles:
 DVD Covers - Various
 Scanners 2 - DVD Covers and Booklet

19 Sep Screen Captures:  Shining Time Station 3.24 The Mayor Runs for Re-Election
My apologies as the quality is not great, but it can only be as good as the source material. I'm just pleased to be able to see these episodes at all :)

18 Sep Screen Captures:  Monster Force - Episodes 1 to 7

17 Sep Screen Captures:  Helen

09 Sep Screen Captures:  Stargate Atlantis - MGM 14th Jan 2007 Interview

Please Note: I have restructured and renamed the Stargate Atlantis screen captures so you may have to make corrections if you are using any links into this archive.

04 Sep Screen Captures:  Hellcats - Episodes 1x09 and 1x13

03 Sep Screen Captures:  Stargate Universe 215 - Seizure

29 Aug Artwork by Tarlan:
 Fan Art - 019 to 032
 Wallpaper - 032 to 048

19 Aug Screen Captures:  The Whistleblower

2011 19 Aug 2011: My apologies for not being as dedicated to updating this site as I should have been. In truth, a few years back a group of David Hewlett fans--and I use that term lightly--accused me of cybersquatting on this domain name. Obviously, the lies they spread sucked away a lot of the enjoyment I was getting out of creating this small homage to David Hewlett. If he ever said he wanted the domain name then I'd hand it over to him in a second...and for FREE!

Anyway, I am starting to feel more enthusiastic again, especially as those so-called fans have moved on to other fandoms--no doubt to cyber-bully others--so I do hope to put up more screencaps, media info and artwork during what is left of 2011.

01 Aug Screen Captures:  Sanctuary Web episode 1 - Pilot

25 Jul Screen Captures:  The Closer 5.04 - Walking Back the Cat

01 Jan HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010
The last year has been pretty busy so I've not had as much time as I would have liked to spend on the archives. I do hope to put up more screencaps and artwork in 2010.

24 Jul Wallpaper:  Wallpaper 27 to 31 - Various
Artwork:  Artwork 16 to 18 - Various

17 Feb Screen Captures:  ER 8.04 - Never Say Never (better copies)

15 Feb Screen Captures:  Shining Time Station 3.4 - Stacy Clears Up
Wallpaper:  Wallpaper 026 - Traders - Cocoon

31 Jan Screen Captures:  Night Heat - Simon Says
24 Jan Media:
  Darklight DVD cover - Front and Back

01 Jan HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009
My apologies for not finding more time during the last year to keep adding to the archive. I do plan to keep adding more screen captures, media article etc so I do hope you enjoy visiting the site and check back regularly throughout 2009.